O Diem Præclarum!

Velvet Black Sky

100 stories from an alternate universe

Beginning near the range finder. Full salvo – fire! called Strong, and turned to Dr Ace, a tall, aged man, his voice conveying sincerity.

Two-up PDF of the stories

Imagine, if you will, another dimension, another universe, surprisingly like our own, but subtly different, where our heroes, Ace Kelly, Killian Masood, Kamal Rainbird, Cyrus Rana, Rhea Landeros, Tekla Tanner, and Ellia Alpha-2-Guthren, people all much like us, contend beneath a velvet black sky.

Of course their fictions are different. Their grammars are slightly off, their narrative arcs bend differently, as different as their constellations scattered like diamonds across the velvet blackness of space. But still their longings are as recognizable as ours . . .

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