O Diem Præclarum!

Deformed Images

Deformed Images

Someone at work suggests I post some images to the website. Not these, but images from a set of experiments in my github.

These are taken from a hiking website I haven't updated in years. In March, 2017, I played around with deforming pictures I had taken on my hikes (click the images to see the full size versions):

Looking out onto a glade at St. Francois State Park on a sunny fall day:

And two different versions of the same scene:

I didn't post the hike on my hiking website. But if I recall correctly, it was a lovely day. I went into the glade, found a patch of bare gravel, made coffee, and listened to . . . Brahms, Ein deutsches Requiem? I can't quite remember.

This picture is of the same glade, looking back the other way:

Understory foliage, taken at Englemann Woods in the spring:

And maybe ferns (who can tell?), probably taken at Hawn State Park, I believe at the informal camping spot just downstream from the south-western backcountry campsite:

A cedar in the big glade atop Hughes Mountain (a blustery, cold, and gray winter day, threatening sleet):

Upstream from Mina Sauk Falls at Taum Sauk Mountain, when the the falls were running especially well:

I like this one best of all. Perhaps because it was from a particularly spectacular day hike, which is documented here.

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