It's close, 30 minutes from home. Close is good. But is it good enough?

That's the question for West Tyson. It's easy enough to find:

The County Park Department's web site.

I tried getting off trail, thinking that might get me somewhere solitary and interesting. I didn't try in the right place. Bu the hillsides are terrifically steep so I'm sure that picking the right spot on the map will deliver me somewhere people-free, which is saying something about a place so close to home.

West Tyson has an interesting history. Still, it doesn't explain this bit of barbed wire. I don't what it's doing here, since the slope is steep enough to discourage cows.

No account of West Tyson would be complete without a picture of the fence separating the park from Washington University's research facility. I don't know what sort of research would require such a fence . . .