Sometimes, the trail fades away to nothing, inviting (or forcing, depending on your point of view) off-trail exploration.

Victora Glades Conservation Area is located east of Hillsboro in Jefferson County, about 40 minutes south I-270 down MO 21. MO 21 is four-lane divided highway through Jefferson County to where it ends at route B (paved). Go left on B to the next intersection (Business 21). Turn left and proceed to Main. Turn right, then turn left on Vreeland. Vreeland eventually turns into the Hillsboro Victoria road (all paved). The parking lot is located on the left.

See the Department of Conservation's website for information about and directions to Victoria Glades.

Google maps has Victoria Glades located on the wrong side of the road (it's on the right, not the left):

The road is paved to the parking lot, which is gravel. The entrance is clearly signed. There are no restrooms.

It's not the easiest place to find, since roads change names en route without reason, and towns generally are good places to get turned around in. But if you stay alert, you should be okay.

If you're in the area, and you have the time, you might also want to check out Valley View Glades, which is five or minutes away, on the other side of Hillboro. Lunch should be possible in Hillsboro, so perhaps an outing might include a visit to Victoria Glades in the morning, lunch in Hillsboro, and an afternoon at Valley View Glades.

Victoria Glades is, I suspect, an acquired taste. I enjoyed my time there, almost all of which I spent wandering off the trail. There are surprises here and there, although you'll have to hunt them up yourself. When I return, I plan on doing just that, perhaps by working my way off trail into the back of the area.

I suppose my emphasis on off trail rambling suggests something about the trail. It starts out in obvious fashion from the southwest corner of the parking lot, crossing the creek on a concrete bridge. The Department of Conservation's map describes the trail as a loop, heading in one direction up the old wagon road from the bridge, and branching off to the left shortly after the bridge. I looked for the branch to the left, never quite found it, and spent most of my time off trail. I did manage to eventually find the old road, but the rest of the trail eluded me.

But perhaps the trail isn't really necessary in such an open landscape. If you're comfortable with a compass, can follow a map, and are willing to heed the obviously posted boundaries, then perhaps you might want to skip the trail and strike out on your own. On the other hand, if you prefer an obvious trail, visit Valley View Glades, located on the other side of Hillsboro.

When to visit? I'd suggest going after the first good frost, but before temperatures rise in the spring. Any visit will lead to off trail rambling, and the colder weather should keep the chiggers down.