This biggest hills and the best views in the state, without excepttion.

It's quite a way from South St. Louis County, as much as two hours away:

It seems to be faster to go I-55 to MO 67, then cut west on MO 72. For a lot of years, I went down MO 21, which was just plain nuts. The interstate is much faster and safer.

See the Missouri Deparment of Natural Resources' web site for more information about the park.

Don't be put off by the lack of amenities at the campground. It's probably the most private, most natural drive-in camping the state park system. And the picnic area is pleasant too.

It's a three or four mile roundtrip hike to falls:

The fall are fed by a small wet-weather creek which runs through a minature shutin. After it's rained, it's a magical spot:

The Ozark basement rhyolite is exposed throughout the park; in fact, there's no sedementary rock to be seen. But the rocks aren't bare; instead, they're covered with a distinctive, pale green lichen. Pockets in the rock are often filled with plants:

But the payoff, the reason for going, are the big hills, and the long views across the hillside glades: