I'm puzzled over a spot at Valley View Glades. Running parallel to the trail, as it heads along the top of the ridge, are a pair of long, straight ditches.

At first, it's tempting to dismiss the ditches as being the naturally occuring beginnings of watercourses, except for the odd fact that they occur where watercourses usually don't, and run in an atypical direction. I expect water to fall off toward the edge of the ridge, going downhill in the fastest and shortest direction, and to grow larger the farther they go. But these ditches run ninety degrees from the expected path, and they're strangely regular.

I've come across such ditches before, in other places. I suspect that they are the nearly erased trace of some earlier human use. And badly laid out road, perhaps, down which water ran, enlarging the road into a ditch. Or perhaps they're the route over which saw logs were skidded out by mules or oxen, the animals and logs tearing at the ground and creating the ditches that remain.