I stopped by on a windy day. The flags were stiff in the wind (nice), and the air was full of dust (not so nice, since the place was a lead smelter).

Missouri Mines State Historical Site is on the way to a lot of places, so much so that it makes since to stop off on the way:

See the Missouri Deparment of Natural Resources' web site for more information.

The site is a collection of abandoned buildings associated with an old St. Joe lead smelter:

There's a little museum with some interesting exhibits. The people on staff were very friendly, and they knew their stuff.

I was fascinated by this. It's what people used before electronic calculators.

Much of the area is off limits, probably because it's in the process of falling down. But the experience is still one of dramatic shapes against the skyline

and everywhere the patina of rust.

The site leaves the impression that one day, everyone walked off the site

leaving signs, some printed, of their former occupancy.

And that, at some later time, post-modern aborigines reinhabited the site, and used rusted steel in place of cave walls:

The site has a trail that leads off across the wind-blasted tailings. I didn't hike it.