It rained all week before the first weekend in May. Not normally a fact worth noting, except that this year, I went to Taum Sauk that Saturday.

Mina Sauk Falls were roaring. I first heard them when I was a half-mile away.

I had never seen them with so much water. I spent a couple of hours climbing around, trying to get every view.

The falls are really a series of cascades.

But there's one big plunge that I managed to work underneath:

I've almost given up on YouTube. It takes a long time to upload movies, and I don't think very many people see them. But the falls were so remarkable that video seemed . . . mandatory.

This first clip is taken near the top of the largest set of cacades. When my father was pastoring in Farmington, he used to like to hike to this spot during the week. He found it a good place for composing sermons.

A clip from slightly upstream. The whole mountain was awash--it had rained so much that water seemed to be everywhere.

The view from about a third of the way down the main cascade. I really had no business clambering into this spot.

The view from the bottom of the main set of cascades. The Ozark trail passes very near, so I've been by this way a dozen times.

This is my favorite cascade. It's a couple of hundred yards upstream from the main cascade. This one is about twenty feet high.