A brand new conservation area! So new that I didn't know it was there, until I drove past it on my way somewhere else. It's not an especially big conservation area--about like the others in the same part of Jefferson County--but it's still a nice addition.

It's so new that Google doesn't know about it:

But it's easy enough to find. It's in the same area as LaBarque Creek Conservation Area and Young Conservation Area. The Conservation Department website has more information and an article announcing the area's opening.

The Glassberg family is related to A.P. Greensfelder, and the story of the Glassberg CA is similar to the story behind several parks and conservation areas in West St. Louis County. The Glassberg family kept a house on the property. It was only just torn down, immediately before the area opened. The Conservation Department did a pretty good job of removing the evidence of its existence, although a few odd tiles remain, and the blacktopped road from FF to the house site is the areas main walking path.

Glassberg CA has a couple of very nice features A nice little fishing lake:

And perhaps the best overlook in St. Louis area:

I'm pretty sure there's more there to discover. A lake (or lakesite?) that isn't on the Conservation Department's map. A route down to the Meremec River. Perhaps the site of old stables.

Reasonable people might disagree about the number of commemoratory and dedicatory plaques, signs and monuments appropriate to a conservation area. Glassberg CA has more that its share. I like this one, although it's in an odd place. I supposed that the trees around it died, so that now it's out in the open. This is not the only picture of it on the internet:

I would be better, I think, if it were in some truly out of the way place, so that it would be found only once every couple of years, so its existence would remain the stuff of folklore.