How does Emerson start The Divinity School Address? Something like, "In this refulgent summer, it has been a luxury to draw the breath of life."

We were fortunate enough to spend a long weekend at Big Spring back in May. We did a whole lot of nothing. No TV. Not much radio, either. A few books, but they didn't get seriously read. We basically just sat around. It was divine.

One day, we sat around in the picnic area next to the spring. We strolled around when the mood struck us. But mostly we moved our lawn chairs from shady spot to shady spot.

Back against the cliffs, from which the spring emerges, the wild hydrangeas were in bloom. It took me a moment to recognize them, since the hydrangeas we see in the city usually have great, enormous (and enormously) blue flowers. But sure enough, they were hydrangeas:

It seems like everywhere I went for the next month, I spotted hydrangeas, usually past their bloom, but hydrangeas nonetheless. I had never noticed them before, not in all these years. That's what comes from doing nothing, I suppose.

I wish this picture had turned out better:

But it didn't. Too much sun for my little camera, perhaps. Or the wrong setting. Or perhaps it's just that some things don't travel well from the land of doing nothing to . . . this world.