My anti-chigger vigilance slipped for just ten minutes, and this is the result:

I got chiggered up bad a couple of years ago at Johnson's Shutins. After that I vowed that I'd never, ever let my guard slip. So, after taking a long hike at Bennett Spring, a hike for which I drenched myself in bug spray, I got back to camp, took off my boots, put on flip-flops, walked to the shower house, showered, walked back to camp, then drove into town to get something to eat.

Ten minutes exposure, tops. And for most of that time, I was on pavement.

As I eating my dinner, I looked down. There were so many chiggers on my toes and under the straps of my flip-flops that I could see them.

The pictures don't quite do it justice. My right foot (pictured) was a mass of blisters, mostly across my toes, but also across the sides of my feet. The foot swelled up so much that I could not get a regular shoe on; instead, I walked around in old houseshoes for the next three or four days. I actually had to go to the doctor over it. Pills and everything.