My favorite places. I'm going to keep this updated as a kind of a running list. When I'm convinced that a place has arrived at my personal "go back, and often" list, and once I've written about it, I'll add an entry for it here.

Places aren't on this list only because I haven't written about them yet. Other places aren't on this list because I haven't been back to them enough, or at all; I may, however, grow more fond of them. Only a few places are missing from this list because they offer little for the hiker.

  • Hawn State Park. It's really to beat Hawn. A very pretty park, a nice forest, the best stands of pine in the state, lovely picnic and campgrounds, and some very pleasant backpacking camps. An hour from South St. Louis County.

  • LaBarque Creek Conservation Area. Close to home. A very clean, hiker-friendy Conservation Department area.

  • Hughes Mountain Conservation Area. A bit of a drive, but an instant and complete introduction to the glades, knobs and views of the St. Francois Mountains.